At Landoil we like to think we are a combination of the two, kind of a scientific business. We take our responsibilities to produce these chemicals very seriously and we adhere to all industry standards, including: GB/T 5005 standard, OCMA standard and API 13A standard, and are SGS certified. Since we first started in the business of developing different uses for these complicated substances we have been dedicated to the production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and polyanionic cellulose (PAC), and we have been producing these products for over 20 years.

  • Oil Drilling Grade PAC and CMC

    PAC and CMC are commonly utilized in the oil industry, used in drilling fluid, well cementing fluid and fracturing fluid. They mainly work as viscosifier, filtrate reducer and rheology controller.

  • CMC for Fracturing Fluid

    Used in the fracturing fluid, the CMC can efficiently bring so called stuffing into the cracks of oil well and create a channel which can effectively prevent fluid entering into the oil well structure, reduce fluid loss, and lower the pressure.

  • Mining Grade CMC

    It can improve the property of wet pellets, dry pellets and calcined pellets. Due to excellent binding and pellet forming performance, it can bring the green pellets superior antiknock performance, high compressive strength and dropping resistance.

  • Food Grade CMC

    The food grade CMC is often used as food additive, featuring excellent thickening, emulsifying, swelling, stabilizing and freshness retaining functions. It is a perfect alternative to guar gum, gelatin, agar and other food additives.

  • Detergent Grade CMC

    CMC is featured by excellent property in thickening, emulsifying and colloid protection. It is one of the best active additives of synthetic detergents.

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